Coming Summer 2019

Tactical Tag (Tactical Laser Tag)!  Play laser tag like never before.  A more engaging game and experience.  Real life feel and sounds bring the game to a whole new level. This summer we will be introducing this to Southern Maine as a Mobile experience.  Call us soon or email us to find out how we can bring this to your next event, fundraiser or party!

Features of Tactical Tag

Indoor or Outdoor Play

We can set up the game in a gym or office space as well as run woods or field games. Our taggers do not need to talk to a system until the end of the game, making it very easy to accommodate different situations.

Types of Taggers

At the moment we run Predator machine gun style taggers that have a real feel and come with Feedback Simulation and headsets.  They are light weight so even the youngest of players don't have to worry.

Teams or Individuals

Our system allows for teams to play head to head or even free for all so you can plan every person for themselves

No Projectiles to Worry About

Since this is Laser Tag there are no projectiles to worry about like in Paintball or Airsoft.  No more welts and bruises to worry about!

Game Styles

We have loads of different styles of games to choose from.  Games like Domination, Capture the Flag and even "Zombie Apocalypse.  All these games keep changing and evolving to make the experience different every time!

Bunkers and Barriers

We will set up Bunkers and barriers in areas that need them.   These make great places for players to hide and then strike!

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