A New Style of Laser Tag with Play207!

Play207 is now offering a new style of Laser tag!  Not the laser tag you think of, running around in a room in the dark just blasting away.  Even though that is still fun, our new Laser Tag is much different.

This new style is more “Tactical”.  This new style like the current video games on the market.  With more emphasis on completing missions and working as a team.  Your tagger is now wireless and connects to a headband which then talks to our app and software for in-game scoring and tracking.  Play Capture the Flag, VIP, Team Vs Team, the Last Man Standing, and More!

We can play indoors or out and day or night.  These taggers use an IR system and do not use actual lasers for safety.  The IR system can shoot up to 300 ft in ideal conditions and settings.

So if you are looking to do something different and fun, don’t hesitate to contact us!  This is great for Project Grads, Bachelor Parties, Birthday Parties and More!

E-Mail us at info@play207.com or Call 207-239-7638 for more info!

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