Maine’s Best Mobile Party Laser Tag for Events

Mobile Maine Laser Tag Done Right!

Play207’s Mobile Maine Laser Tag is a more engaging game and experience.  Real life feel and sounds bring the game to a whole new level. This summer we will be introducing this to Southern Maine as a Mobile experience.  Call us soon or email us to find out how we can bring this to your next event, fundraiser or party!

We are Maine’s Premier Mobile Laser Tag company.  Don’t be fooled by that 80’s & 90’s laser tag gear.

What is Tactical Laser Tag?

Play207’s Mobile Maine Laser Tag is different that standard Laser Tag.  Traditional laser tag is pretty straight forward, you wear a vest connected to a tagger and your goal is the just shoot the other team/players.  Although we can play that style, Tactical tag is quite different monster.  Our taggers and headbands are wireless no cables connecting them, plus include a recoil and immersive sound.  Then our taggers at full power can shoot up to 500 ft , almost 2 football fields.  Our system allows us to build game scenarios that create goals or achievments that need to be met or beaten.  For example, we could set up a game where your team has to protect a person/asset.  If that person is killed or the asset distroyed the game is over.  Creating unique game styles is what makes us different.  This summer we will be rolling this to Southern and Central Maine as a Mobile experience.  Call us soon or email us to find out how we can bring this to your next event, fundraiser or party!

We are Maine’s Premier Mobile Laser Tag company.  Don’t be fooled by that dated 80’s & 90’s laser tag gear.

What makes our laser tag different:

High Tech Taggers with Wireless Capabilities
Taggers with Recoil Effect – Not your Silly Vibration
Real-Time Firing Sounds, Effects, and Live Game Announcements
Headbands That Can Cause Damage To in Certain Games Like Zombies
Unlimited Game Variation Options – Like COD, PUBG, and More
Built for Indoors and Outdoors
Mobile Inflatable Bunkers/walls for diverse gameplay
Live-Scoring and Game Info
Ability to Change weapon types
and more…

*Some Features only available in certain game and package types

What Others are Saying!

This is awesome. Our kids loved playing at their party. 100% recommend Play207! 

 – Gary Lewis, Casco, Maine

Our kids had a blast at our son’s birthday party.  Kids are still talking about it.

 – Kelly Smith, Windham, Maine

Our Daughter and her best friend celebrated their birthdays together with a combined party and Play207 Laser Tag was a Huge Hit!

 – Jason and Jeanine Nadeau, Bridgton, Maine

My son’s last two birthday parties have been laser tag parties.  Play207 Laser Tag is a blast!

 – Bill Reiner, Windham, Maine

Features of Tactical Tag

Indoor or Outdoor Play

We can set up the game in a gym or office space as well as run woods or field games. Our taggers do not need to talk to a system until the end of the game, making it very easy to accommodate different situations.

Types of Taggers

At the moment we run Predator machine gun style taggers that have a real feel and come with Feedback Simulation and headsets.  They are lightweight so even the youngest of players don’t have to worry.

Game Styles

We have loads of different styles of games to choose from.  Games like Domination, Capture the Flag and even “Zombie Apocalypse.  All these games keep changing and evolving to make the experience different every time!

Teams or Individuals

Our system allows for teams to play head to head or even free for all so you can plan every person for themselves

No Projectiles to Worry About

Since this is Laser Tag there are no projectiles to worry about like in Paintball or Airsoft.  No more welts and bruises to worry about!

Bunkers and Barriers

We will set up Bunkers and barriers in areas that need them.   These make great places for players to hide and then strike!

 Now using the Falcon F2 and F1 Taggers

1.  Rugged Light Weight Plastic body.  Make it durable and Easy to hold.

2.  Impulse Recoil: Every Trigger pull actually has a recoil affect!

3.  Be a medic, a Sniper, a Gunner and many more!

4.  Shot Technology:  You press the trigger, an infrared impulse is send, the impulse is accepted by defeat sensors — easy, safe, secure.

5.  Color IPS Screen – See game time, health, ammo, weapon, hits, kills, rank, and more!


Impulse Recoil Maine Laser Tag
IPS Screen Maine laser Tag

About Our Bunkers

We Offer two styles of Bunkers/Walls for events.

Our Basic Packages can include PVC and Coraplast Bunkers.  Light weight and durable.  Our Upgraded Packages can include inflatable Air Bunkers. 

Bunkers can be weighted down or staked down for safety (Most outdoor events Require Stakes for Wind).  These bunkers do require a larger are to play in and preferably a flat surface as well.   Teams can have their own bunker area to re-spawn and grab ammo.  Let the games begin!  

PVC Bunkers

Inflatable Bunkers

Play207 Tactical Laser Tag Bunker 2

*Game play time starts at the start of first Game.  Travel Fees may be added for events outside of 25 Mile radius of Naples, ME.